Information for Custodial Parents

Services Available through our Office:

  • locating a parent
  • establishing paternity
  • establishing and modifying court ordered child support
  • enforcing court orders for child support

Services we cannot provide:

  • establishing or modifying custody
  • establishing or modifying parenting time  

REMEMBER, you are an important source of information about the parent of your child.  Any information you can provide to help in our efforts is appreciated, including information about changes in address or employment.

Applying for Services:   

  1. You must complete an application to receive Child Support services.  Applications are available at our office in Albion, or you can download it by clicking here:  APPLICATION  
  2. Attend an Initial Appointment with your caseworker.  This will be scheduled as soon as we receive your completed application.



I Need to Check if there has been a Child Support Payment:

         Call the Indiana KidsLine at 1-800-840-8757.

I Need to Update My Contact Information or Employer Information: 

        Contact our office by phone or e-mail. Each year thousands of dollars of support are delayed because the custodial parent didn't tell us of their new address. To change your address by E-mail include:

  • Your Case or Cause Number
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your old address
  • Your new address
  • Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

        If you want to change your address in our office, please bring a photo ID with you.

I Think My Child Support Needs Modified: 

        Contact our office by phone or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Custody and Parenting Time: 

        The Noble County Child Support Office does not assist with custody or parenting time issues.  You will need to hire an attorney to assist you, or Petition the court on your own.  If you have a question about Parenting Time, here is a link to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines:


Top 10 Questions from Custodial Parents


        Application for Title IV-D Child Support Services

        Direct Deposit Authorization Form

        Non-Custodial Parent's Child Support Payment Remittance Form

        Child Support Calculator

        Child Support Obligation Worksheet

        Guideline Schedules for Weekly Support Payments

        Arrearage Calculation Worksheet

        Parenting Time Credit Worksheet

        Health Insurance Premium Worksheet

        Post-Secondary Education Worksheet


Attorney-Client Disclaimer:
Our office represents ONLY the State of Indiana in ensuring the support of children. Our office does not represent participants in the Child Support Program. Deputy prosecutors do not form attorney-client relationships with participants in the Child Support Program.