My Ex is expecting a tax refund.  Will I get that money, and when?

We’re sorry, but we probably don’t know, and we are not permitted to disclose that information to you even if we did know.  Federal tax information is highly confidential, and we are absolutely not permitted to discuss it with anyone other than the taxpayer.

What we can tell you is that, if the non-custodial parent owes past-due child support and is eligible for tax interception, we have requested the interception of State and Federal tax refunds.  However, there are a number of reasons why our request may not be honored.  For example, if the non-custodial parent owes back taxes, the tax refund will be applied to that debt first.  If the non-custodial parent has another child support obligation, the refund may be applied to that case instead of yours.  If you were (or are) receiving TANF benefits and the State has not been reimbursed for those benefits, the federal tax refund will be applied first to any amount owed to the State.

How do I get out of your program?

Only custodial parents who are receiving TANF benefits for themselves and their child(ren) are required to participate in the Title IV-D Child Support Program.  If you received TANF benefits in the past and the State has not been reimbursed for those benefits, your case will remain open in the Title IV-D Child Support office until the State is repaid.  SO LONG AS YOUR CASE REMAINS OPEN, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COOPERATE WITH OUR EFFORTS TO COLLECT CURRENT AND PAST-DUE CHILD SUPPORT!

In all other cases, however, participation in the Child Support Program is voluntary.  If you would like to withdraw from the program and are eligible to do so, please notify us.

The other parent owes me a lot of past-due child support, and I know I will never see it.  Can I just write that off, so he will quit giving me a hard time about it?

No.  In Indiana, parents cannot make deals between themselves regarding child support.  Only a court can decide how much child support is owed.  Even a court normally cannot write off or modify the amount of past-due child support that is owed.  The reason for this rule is that the right to receive support belongs to the child, not to the custodial parent, and it is not in the child’s best interest to let the non-custodial parent out of his or her current or past support obligation. 

The other parent got a new job and is making a lot more money.  Why aren’t I getting more child support?

A non-custodial parent’s child support obligation does not automatically increase or decrease when his or her income changes.  If you wish to look into changing or modifying the amount of support the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay, please contact our office by phone or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

The other parent lives in another state.  Can you help me get child support?

We can sure try.  Please contact the Child Support Office for assistance.  If you are not already enrolled in our Program, you will need to complete an Application for services.  Applications are available at our office in Albion, or you can download it by clicking here:  APPLICATION

Why can’t you find my ex?

Caseworkers in the Child Support Office have access to information at local, state-wide and national levels.  That information includes police reports and criminal records; prison and jail records; credit bureau reports; addresses and phone numbers; employment and wage reports; financial accounts; vehicle registrations; professional licenses; civil lawsuits; passports; and many more.  However, it is still possible for a person to evade our search.  Often, the custodial parent is our best source of information in regards to locating a non-custodial parent.  We welcome and appreciate any information you can provide!

I keep going to court and nothing ever happens.  Why can’t you just throw the other parent in jail?

The Child Support Program has no authority to incarcerate someone.  Only a court can do that.  You have the right to attend every court hearing and speak to the court.  You can make recommendations about appropriate sanctions for contempt, including a request that the non-custodial parent be incarcerated.  We will also attend every court hearing and make our recommendations.  Ultimately, however, it is up to the court alone to decide how to handle each case.

You sanctioned my TANF benefits.  How do I get them back?

If we sanctioned your TANF, it is because you failed to keep an appointment with us, attend a court hearing, or provide us with information that we need to administer your child support case.  You can come to our office any business day between 8:00a.m and 4:00p.m. to meet with a representative.  You do not need an appointment.  We will explain what information or assistance we need from you.  As soon as you cooperate with our request, we will ask that your benefits be restored.

How long does it take to get child support?

There is no specific time frame within which the Child Support Office will be successful in collecting child support for you.  It depends on the circumstances of the non-custodial parent and the information that you are able to provide for our office.  If you know of an employer, and there is an existing child support order, it can be a fairly quick process, maybe even as quick as 30-45 days.  However, if you have very little information about the non-custodial parent, we may never be able to locate or enforce your order.  We need as much information as possible, including address, social security number, and identifiers such as height, weight, hair color, date of birth and picture.  

It takes about three or four weeks to get your file set up, reviewed, and the petition filed and then an additional 30-45 days to actually get into court.               

Why did I not get a payment this week?

Sometimes payments are delayed due to an employer not sending payments in immediately, or due to some other irregularity in the non-custodial parent’s work schedule, such as a holiday, shut-down, vacation or illness.  If you have not received a payment in a few weeks, please feel free to contact our office.